Social work

Social work

Do you like the wonderful region of the Colca Canyon?
Do you have enough time to experience the life not as a tourist but as a "local"?
Do you want to give something back to the friendly people from the Canyon?

If yes, you may be interested in our social work program. Land Adventures offers you a one-off experience in the Colca Canyon. You will get to know the life in and around the canyon, you will learn about their customs and fashions and can broaden your horizon in many ways.

Since the foundation of Land Adventures, we support different programs in this part of the world. One of the most important we have is to teach the children English. They are all well motivated and keen on learning this touristy language. With only a few additives and a lot of heart and soul you can teach in your own way. Together with the local teacher you can set up the lessons. You will also experience many wonderful, thoughtful, funny and reflection-raising moments.

We organize different parties and festivals in the Canyon as well. One of the most important festivals is Christmas. During these days we present many gifts (donations from tourists, guides…) to the children, lots of tasty food and we try to spoil the locals in any regards.

Especially in a country such as Peru, tourism is a very important industry. In our opinion it is very important to sensitize already the youngest nationals, who are the future of our country, into the tourism. With our projects we also want to avoid the migration of the young inhabitants to the cities.

Even though we have little financial impacts for our projects, we still hope that the successful ideas will someday be financed and copied by bigger and international tour operators.

One of the most important facts is that there is no false hope or expecting wonders that are created by our projects. We are sure that little help in the right direction is a lot better than too much help in the wrong direction. Therefore we are always happy to get new ideas or feedbacks from our clients.

Here you can see some of our important projects.

Donation for school equipment

We collect used and new products for the school in the Colca Canyon. Any time you can bring us some stuff at our hostel. We have a donation box there ready for you.

Second-hand clothes

Also clothes and foodwear are collected in the hostel. If you don't need your stuff anymore for your trip, don't throw them away, bring them to us. We have a lot of people who are happy to reuse your things.

Social work in the Canyon

We have a social work program. You can decide on how much time you want to spend in the Canyon. Everything is possible and you are always very welcome.