Chachani down hill One day bike

Chachani down hill One day bike

  • Minimum 2 people maximun 7
  • Length: Half day (8.30am-3.00pm)
  • Group size: Minimum 2 people
  • Departure: Daily at 8.30am
A challenging and exhilarating four hour downhill mountain bike tour from 4800 m into the city of Arequipa (2'225 m).

The tour begins with a 2 hour 4x4 drive through striking near desert scenery up to the electricity station on Chanchani situated at 4'800 m. The biking starts with an unforgettable descent down a winding gravel road followed by a technically demanding stoney path and an adrenaline inducing cross-country sand track. It finishes with an enjoyable descent into the outskirts of Arequipa. This tour is not a popular tour But We start with minimun 2 people.


By 4x4 we drive up to 4'900 m, at the bottom of Chachani. From there we drive down with our bikes for about 4-5h. The roads are stoney, sandy and very alternate. The car follows us all the time and if you get tired you can always jump into the car. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Misti and the town of Arequipa.

Detailed information

We meet outside Land Adventures' office at 8.30am and depart for Chachani in the 4x4 with bicycles on top. The 2 hour drive winds up through a windswept tussock mountain side. To the east is the majestic grandeur of Misti, a powerfully moving sight especially on a clear day. It is well worth a photo stop to capture the changing moods of the mountain. After this we arrive at the electricity station, the departure point of our downhill cycle.

Wishing each other a safe trip down we are ready to attack the challenge! The 4x4 follows behind us all the way down to be on hand if the need arises.


  • Pick-up at the hostel
  • Professional Biking guide
  • Transport (4x4)
  • Equipment (bike, helmet, gloves)
  • Water and snacks
  • The gravel road

    This first part of the cycle winds down through this unique alpine semi-desert, with the chance to see vicuñas, a member of the camelidos family. After 10 kilometres we come to the stoney road.

    The stoney road

    This is the most technically and physically demanding part of the journey. The track is through a wild and desolate landscape with many large stones to avoid and some gentle inclines.

    The cross-country sand path

    From the stoney road the cycle continues cross country down a sand path where adrenaline flows and the daredevils have a chance to shine. The sand offers a soft landing for the spills the more crazy cyclists are bound to have.

    The final descent

    The paved road which descends towards Arequipa gives you the opportunity to feel the wind in your face and relax or be one of the Colca Canyon's many condors! Reaching the desolate outskirts of Arequipa this unforgettable cycle ends with a celebratory cerveza and a small snack before the short drive back to the city centre.
    Good luck!
    Natal Potter (New Zealand) and Philipp Kunfermann (Switzerland )

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