Puno – Titicaca Lake

The folklore capital

Puno is a small town of about 200'000 inhabitants and is located at an altitude of 3'827 meters on the shore of the world-famous Titicaca Lake. The town stands on the Collao plateau. Especially of its diversity and beauty of the music and dances it is said that Puno is the main folklore capital of Peru. The Titicaca Lake and the floating islands are the main touristy attractions in this region.

The lake has a dilataion of 8'562 square kilometers and a maximal deepness of 284 meters. There are 36 islands and the most important ones are Taquile, Amantani, Soto, Anapia and the Uros.


Usually it is pretty dry in Puno and during the nights quite chilly. Especially the months January-March are characterized by a lot of fog. During the day it is usually comfortably warm with a lot of sunshine.

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