Climbing Misti volcano

Climbing Misti volcano

First day

At 8.00am we leave Arequipa in a 4x4 vehicle. At the north side of Misti on 3'500 m we start with the tour. Every participant receives at this point his sleeping bag, tent, plate, fork… and everything else. Everybody needs to carry everything by him or herself. After a short break for having lunch we continue until the basic camp on 4'600 m. The whole walk takes about 6 hours. At the camp we are going to have dinner very early and then go to bed at around 5.00pm. It is possible to get vegetarian food.

Second day

Early in the morning at around 1.00am we start again and are going all the way up to the top. On the way we have a few short stops to relax. From the top we can see the main crater and another smaller one. We also have a beautiful view on Arequipa and the volcanoes Chachani, Pichu Pichu, Coropuna and Ampato. After about 15-30 minutes we are going down again to the basic camp. After a short break we start walking all the way down to 3'500 m where the car is waiting for us to take us back to Arequipa. We will arrive at around 3.30pm.

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